Fast Courier Services in Markham

Affordable Package Delivery from $12.95 - backed by the EVK Quality Guarantee!

No matter what your shipping needs are, EVK courier company in Markham can help you meet all your delivery needs. We have a large team of vehicles that are driver by professional drivers who know the city of Markham well!. It is for that reason that we can delivery any package or parcel anywhere in the greater Toronto Area (GTA) in as little as 100 minutes!

Our experienced team of couriers, drivers and managers are there to make sure that your package gets there on-time and in the exact same condition that we accepted it from you!

Why Use Our Courier Delivery Service in Markham?

There are numerous advantages to utilizing our Markham couriers. One of the most prominent benefits is the substantial time savings it offers. Instead of personally mailing your package or letter you can simply entrust it to us and we will handle the rest. This convenience is especially valuable when dealing with vital items, or items that need to be delivered quickly.

Additionally. Because our courier rates are so low, this can lead to significant cost savings. Unlike traditional mail services where postage fees must be paid separately courier services include these costs in their overall prices. This results in greater affordability over time.

Same Day & Next Day Parcel Delivery

One of the things that our customers tell us is that they need FAST delivery. Sometimes, you just need to get that package delivered quickly! That is why we offer great prices on overnight, same-day and next-day courier parcel deliveries! Moreover, you can have peace of mind knowing that your package or letter will be promptly and professionally handled. Worries about lost or delayed shipment within regular mail services become obsolete in this scenario

A Delivery Company with Affordable Prices!

Inspite of the fact that we provide reliable and quality package delivery, our prices are those of a cheap courier service! Make no mistake, however, that our quality does not reflect our prices! It's because we want to give our customers the best possible services at prices that will make you very pleased!

Pickup and Delivery Service

We also offer pickup/delivery service for your items, regarless of size and weight. Our trucks are equipped with the most advanced features to be able to handle any size delivery that you need. Whether you need it to get there overnight, or quickly, we have the drivers and the trucks to pickup your item at a time that is convenient to you, then deliver it to the destination quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is give us a call and let us know when you'd like the driver to come to your location for the pickup.

100 Minute Delivery

Our newest and most enhanced feature is the new service that delivers your package in 100 minutes or less! That's right, you heard it correctly. We pickup the package, and will deliver it to the destiation in less than 100 minutes, anywhere in Markham or the GTA. Some restrictions apply, so please call us to find out more about this amazing offer.

About our Markham Service

Located in Ontario Canada Markham is a city that harmoniously merges historical allure with contemporary vitality boasting a vast array of landmarks to suit every taste. We sometimes deliver to Main Street Unionville, a scenic gem brimming with quaint establishments, including charming shops and restaurants nestled among heritage buildings that exude nostalgia. There is also the Markham Museum, where an impressive display of vintage structures, relics, and interactive exhibits brilliantly convey its rich history. Another true cultural gem within the city is the esteemed Flato Markham Theatre, which plays host to a captivating repertoire of performances, concerts, and events all year round. Additionally sports enthusiasts find solace at the state of the art Markham Pan Am Centre through various sporting events held there. From these landmarks to many more yet it is no wonder that this amazing city deserves to have quality and fast package deliveries that are second to none!

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