Home Delivery

Effective Home Delivery Solutions

With the change in purchace habit of consumers, home deliveries are more important than ever to thrive in the commerce world today. We provide you with all that you need to make this step predictable, reliable and stress-free!


One of the most important aspects for home delivery is to make sure that the package gets to its destination on-time. With years of experience in this field, backed by a world-class team of couriers, drivers and dispatchers, EVK Logistics makes this step easier than ever before, because we handle all apsects of delivery from the moment the package leaves the warehouse, until it arrives at the front-steps of the customer's home.

Tracking Made Easy

In addition to fast deliveyr, we use the latest most up-to-date technology for tracking deliveries until their arrival. We are also flexible in providing you with the solutions that meet your needs when it comes to tracking. You can use your own system and we can integrate with it, or if you prefer it is also possible to use our world-class system.

Customer Satisfaction

At EVK our number one priority has always been customer satisfaction. That we why we always go the extra-mile to make sure that our customers are delighted with the services that we provide. Your customers are our customers so we treat them with the same value principles upon which EVK is built, which is world-class service and unparalleled customer satisfaction.